Private LabelingWe offer Private Labeling on our entire line of car care products. We can use your existing labels or have our graphics department design labels for your customer branded products. Please contact us for more information about label production.

Private labeling isn’t just for our large clients. Charities, schools, and smaller organizations have used private labeling for fund raisers to add that extra touch of personalization.

Private labeling with ASI Chemical benefits everybody involved:

  • Create a superior product to achieve distribution with your already established brand name
  • It enables you to add another useful and profitable product to your line-with your name brand on it for a minimal investment
  • Best of all, by private labeling, you are insuring all customer and distributor referrals go directly to your company by having your name and contact information on the label

You determine how much we do for you in the design and production process. We can do the total label and box design for you, you can provide finished labels and boxes, or anything in between.
Our policy is simple: all items relating to private labeling (boxes, labels, etc.) are to paid in advance by the customer and will be stored at our packaging and labeling facility. Labels and boxes may also be provided by the customer, as long as they are the same size as the labels and boxes we use and are compatible with our labeling machines. Please contact us dimensions and specifications.

Since private labels and boxes are prepaid, the cost of our labels will be deducted from the price of the item when ordered. By doing this, private labeling costs no more than using our brand names and allows us to keep our packaging and labeling costs to a minimum. For pricing information, please fill out our distributor information request form.

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