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ASI Car Wash Soap is a highly foaming, concentrated blend of cleaning agents formulated for extra strength in washing all painted surfaces. The rich lather effectively floats away dirt from the surface of the vehicle without stripping the wax coating. As you wash, natural oils attach to released surface dirt, sand and abrasive grit allowing them to slide off in the rinse water leaving behind a glossy shine and no water spots. read more
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Exterior Care
10 × 20 × 30 in
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The foaming technology creates a powerful cleaning action causing cleaners suspended in the bubbles walls to scour away the toughest films and grime, yet is friendly to the paint and to paint protectants. In addition to enhancing surface shine, ASI Car Wash Soap helps minimize washing swirls and improves water sheeting.

The latest formulation in wetting technology has eliminated the problem of streaking. As the surface tension of water is reduced by more than 65%, dust and dirt wash right off. With high wetting action and no emulsifying chemicals, very little wax is lost even after repeated washings, leaving an excellent shine.

ASI Car Wash Soap is a safe, high foaming, concentrated car soap, which will prep and clean your exterior paint. This soap should be used prior to waxing your vehicle. For tough cleaning jobs, ASI Car Wash Soap will save you time.

  • Won’t strip wax
  • Leaves no spots
  • Non-streak formula
  • Safe for all car finishes
  • Great shine without waxing
  • Highly concentrated
  • Low alkalinity (pH 8.5)
  • Thick, durable foam
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Film-free rinsing action
  • Works instantly in hot/cold water

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10 × 20 × 30 in
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