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ASI Bumper & Trim Renew is ideal for a variety of exterior hardware. Use on molding, louvers, bumpers, window trim, skirts, seals, door handles, wiper arms, and any exterior vinyl or plastic surfaces. Formulated for ease of application with great durability. Feel free to retreat surfaces as often as you would like, if you want to get or keep that classy sheen, try ASI Bumper & Trim Renew and enjoy a factory-new look for years to come. read more
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We at ASI are always busy testing new and better ways to retain that new car look, and with ASI Bumper & Trim Renew we’ve concluded that time and weather conditions even driving conditions all take their toll on exterior surfaces, and trim often gets the worst of it. Even if your car is brand new now, you’ll want to keep it looking that way for years to come. Many trim surfaces are porous and tend to absorb the impurities they come in contact with. That’s why exterior trim can get a sunburned appearance.

ASI Bumper & Trim Renew cleans and reconditions the surface, so it not only changes or improves the way the affected area looks, but it alters the way it feels. Leaving it softer, smoother, and more supple with long-lasting moisturizers. Easily remove white residues, yellowing, and that awful brownish appearance on sunburned trims. ASI Bumper & Trim Renew does not leave behind a greasy residue that attracts dust and yellows over time, rather it revives that show-room quality sheen.

  • Revitalizes all color exterior trim, bumpers, and guards
  • Use on vinyl, rubber, plastic & flat finishes
  • Removes oxidation, dirt, wax residue and surface film
  • Protects against sun, smog, ozone and water
  • Covers scuffs, marks and light scratches
  • Instantly restores color and sheen
  • Professional finish
  • Breathe new life into your bumper and trim
  • Prevents fading, drying and cracking
  • Long lasting water resistant finish

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